Hank Byzak has been surfing since 1961 and has been hand crafting custom surfboards in the old school manner since the late 1960’s. The first Pure Fun Surf Shop started in Leucadia, CA in 1971.

After a half century, Hank continues his craft today in Oceanside, CA, has created 44 different surfboard designs and has shaped over 35,000 boards in his career!

Hank is the owner of three major brands—Pure Fun Surfboards, Pure Fun Custom Longboards, and Byzak Custom Surfboards—and is the true “Old School Intellectual and Creative Source” of many of the boards that you might already know and ride, under other names.

Hank served as head shaper for Precision Fiberglassing in Encinitas, CA for seventeen years, and at last count, Byzak has designed and shaped over twenty-five major brands of surfboards including: Weber Performers, Hansen Surfboards, Surfboards Hawaii, Channin, Bear, Greg Noll, and Joel Tudor, among others.

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